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When in doubt, go to YouTube

When Tollie told me that he wanted to pick up a Distortion Guitar Effects pedal from guitarcenter.com I went to YouTube to see what he was talking about. I like to go to YouTube to learn about things – when I do that I feel a lot smarter! I hate it when people tell me about things and I have no idea what they are talking about! Thanks, YouTube, for making me look smart!

Guitar strings

After watching the YouTube video about the Ernie Ball Guitar strings, Nikky told me that she was going to go ahead and order the ernie ball 2221 for Steve. She says that now she’s sure that was what he said that he needed to get, and since she found a really great price for them by shopping around online she wasn’t too concerned about wasting money if she ordered the wrong ones by mistake.

Another ultimate tease video

I enjoy YouTube videos about pets…..

Today I was looking at videos on YouTube and found a video titled “Ultimate Cat Tease.” Thinking it would be as funny as the “Ultimate Dog” tease that I shared earlier, I decided to watch it. I did get a chuckle out of the video, although the dog tease video made me laugh more. If you decide to watch this video, don’t be discouraged – there are a few times in the middle of the video that you think the video has ended, but it hasn’t. Just keep watching for a bit longer….