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Tough Month for Moving

My good friend, Julie, has to move this month. She has to be out of her old apartment by October 31, which is Halloween. What a horrible day to have to move!

She has been talking to different moving companies to check on her options. She just has a cute little two bedroom apartment and not a lot of “stuff,” so she is considering doing most of the packing herself. I can’t blame her for that – if you pack it then you have a good idea of where it is when you have to unpack later.

I don’t have any first hand experience with professional movers to be able to help her finding help. But I sure can show up at her apartment one night after work and help her pack and clean. Sometimes the kitchen is the hardest room to get ready for moving. Not only do you have to pack a lot of spillable and breakable items, but you have to clean everything after it is empty.

She has already got the moving quotes and is trying to make up her mind which company to use. She is running out of time – she has to be moved in just 2 weeks! I told her that I am standing ready to help – just let me know which night after work would be most convenient for her. After all, that’s what a good friend does.

Paintball party

paintball (free clip art)

paintball (free clip art)

I’ve been invited to attend a paintball party. I’m not quite sure what to make of the invitation; I’ve never played paintball before. I think maybe they want to “pick on me” and have a lot of laughs at my expense because I’m not as athletic as most people who play paintball should be! 

But my cousins and brothers are all planning to go to the paintball party. They all play paintball on a regular basis. They decided to try to hold this “party” as a way to get more of their friends and family involved in the sport. They say that they love to use their army paintball guns that they bought. To hear them talk about playing paintball, it sounds like a lot of fun, but the day of the party I am scheduled to work so I am not going to be able to attend.

Pests in the garden

I love to keep a flower garden. I don’t bother with a vegetable garden; it is so much hard work and so time-consuming. For the amount of veggies we eat around here, it is just more cost-effective to buy them at the farmer’s market or grocery store. Besides I don’t want to deal with trying to protect my food harvest from all of the garden pests that think that my garden is an all-you-can-eat buffet!

In our area, a lot of people have problems with pests coming into their gardens and eating up all of their hard work. Deer and rabbits seem to be the worst offenders around here, although an occasional raccoon has been known to help himself to the corn crop! I like the Havahart products that help to deal with unwanted animals in a humane way. They sell a defense animal repellent spray online at their website that repels rabbits and deer. What repels them is the smell, so they are not harmed in any way. These sprays are organic and will not damage the environment at all. If I were to decide to try to grow veggies I would definitely use this product to try to protect my garden from being eaten up by the deer and rabbits!

Strange coincidence

Driving home this afternoon I saw a bad accident. It must have happened just a few minutes before I got there;the ambulance was just arriving. I saw a pickup truck with the Verizon logo on it lying on it’s side in the woods beside the road. As I was driving past more police and fire trucks were arriving at the scene. The accident was too fresh for a big traffic jam, just a few cars (like mine) slowed down as we approached and saw the flashing police and ambulance lights. I hope the folks in the truck are OK; I didn’t see a second vehicle. Kinda weird, I just remembered I saw an accident almost exactly like it on the way to work this morning, in almost the same place! I wonder what’s up with that location!


After a particulary busy and frustrating day at work, I come home and begin thinking of how nice it would be to retire and not have to endure the dog eat dog world out there each day and be able to travel and play when I want to, not when my boss says it is convenient for me to take time off.  So, I get on my computer and check my online portfolio manager to see what my investments are doing and what my options are to me to help me get through these tough economic times should I decide to retire.

I access the do it yourself portfolio management  available on the site.  This features portfolio rebalancing software that is easy to use and very helpful when it comes to managing my retirement portfolio.

After reviewing my portfolio, I decide that I may have to work a few additional years and let my money work for me a bit longer.