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The Drinking Of Wine For Your Health

This Infographics that I have been finding on various websites are pretty darned cool. I have always had a hard time reading things and learning from what I have read (hence my problem with following directions) I am a visual learner, meaning I need to be able to see pictures or be able to touch, feel, or smell. So these Infographics are right up my alley. Check out this latest Infographic that I ran across when I was researching the benefits of drinking wine online earlier today entitled “Drink To Your Health”

Drink to Your Health infographic from ONEHOPE Wine
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Just What Are Green Wines?

People that know me and/or read this blog know that I appreciate any person or business that does their part in being as Green as possible. Since I have been on the subject of wine lately I thought that this Infographic was full of some interesting information that I wanted to pass along here for others who might want to know about today’s GREEN Wines.
what are green wines infographic wine.com
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A Wine and Chocolate Party

Tiffany and her husband have just started their own vineyard and they are offering free wine tastings every weekend.  I had never heard of drinking wine while eating chocolates, but when the gals from work decided to go to one of their wine tastings, that is exactly what we did.

There are several different types of chocolate, and they go with different wines.  You can drink either red or white wine, depending on the chocolate.  I have a very serious sweet tooth, so my favorites were with the sweet chocolates and sweet wines.  I even bought a bottle of their dessert wine to take home and share with my family.

Bar Make-Over

Hard to believe that I still have a few gift cards left from last Christmas. Gift cards seem to be the popular gift giving option these days. I’m all for it, giving or receiving them, it’s a quick and easy process for all concerned. I can’t believe that I still have a few in my wallet, six months after receiving them. So it is time to put them to use.

I’ve been wanting to make a few changes around the place and have decided to give my bar area a slight make-over. I’m going to start with looking for the Best Wine Racks that I can find online. Wine Storage and Wine Racks are an important part of keeping your wine in the best shape until the time comes that you want to pop the cork and enjoy the numerous varieties of wines that are available these days. I’ve always enjoyed tasting different wines, especially local wines and believe me there are wineries all over this area that offer free wine tastings. I’ve spent many afternoons visiting a good amount of these wine tasting offers and there are still plenty more out there just waiting for me to come and check out. I’ll get to all of them at some point.