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A good replacement speaker

The b 52 18 220s has a reputation for being a very good replacement speaker. It has a 0.2% return rate, and a five-year warranty! Reading the reviews on the website, the people who bother to write reviews seem to really like it. There was one complaint about the packaging used in shipping being flimsy, but apparently the speaker is tough enough to withstand a bit of rough treatment! Seems to me that if the performance is good, that the five-year warranty would certainly help to tip the scales in favor of purchasing this one!

International Apothecary Online

Sometimes a friend of mine will send me links to some interesting websites that she discovers. One such link she sent to me recently was to http://www.smallflower.com, which calls itself an “International Apothecary.” I’ve been looking around the website, intrigued with the different candles that they have for sale. The candles are 6.5 ounces and sell for $60 or more! I have to admit that I was surprised at the cost. I was trying to find out what the candle was made from (parrafin or soy) but could not get the tabs that showed product details to work. I found that a bit frustrating!

Sharing information about annoying phone calls

If you have been receiving annoying telephone calls and want to share that experience with other people, or try to find out if other people are also getting calls from that same telephone number, or want to know what to expect from that caller, there is a website that has been created to Report Annoying Callers on the website. You might want to check and see if other people are getting calls from the same number, and what they have to say about it, and add your own comment.

Financial planning

My parents have been talking to me a lot about their financial security and their “final plans” for when they pass away. They have been urging me to look into ways to save more of my own money to ensure my own financial security. They are terrified that with this bad economy that someone in the family might end up in Bankruptcy.

They told me that they had found a website that they wanted me to go to and use the wizard on the website to review my own financial security. Well, I happen to feel about as financially secure as anyone else could feel in today’s economy. I have about six months of my pay saved up for a “rainy day.” I have a 401K plan, and I own my home. I always pay my credit cards off in full within a week of getting the bill. I have insurance up the wazoo, and I invest in the stock market. But just to make my parents happy I went onto their website to see what the website had to offer me. I saw that it was supposed to have a wizard about saving money, so I thought that I would use it to see if it might give me any tips on saving money. What it did was direct me to a site that was intended to help people who are in debt to get out of debt, which is not what I needed for my purposes. I’m wondering why it would do that, and it made me a bit nervous about my parents putting their trust in that company.

The fashion police

baggy pants (free clip art)

baggy pants (free clip art)

I was surprised to read on the BBC website an article about how some American cities are trying to (or have) pass(ed) a law against baggy jeans that sag to the point where the wearer’s underwear shows. The article was talking about a case in a Florida town where a teenager was arrested for having baggy pants that sagged and showed his boxer shorts, and that a judge threw out the case calling it unconstitutional. I didn’t realize that America was now formally embracing “fashion police!”

What I found very interesting to read in the article, however, was the claim that it is believed that this particular fashion trend (which I don’t like) started in prisons, where inmates are given baggy prison uniforms without belts. I think that is disturbing – fashion trends start in prisons? That is a sad commentary on today’s society!