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Another ultimate tease video

I enjoy YouTube videos about pets…..

Today I was looking at videos on YouTube and found a video titled “Ultimate Cat Tease.” Thinking it would be as funny as the “Ultimate Dog” tease that I shared earlier, I decided to watch it. I did get a chuckle out of the video, although the dog tease video made me laugh more. If you decide to watch this video, don’t be discouraged – there are a few times in the middle of the video that you think the video has ended, but it hasn’t. Just keep watching for a bit longer….

This is a cute and funny video

I’ve seen this video before, but it still cracks me up. This is dubbed over to make it appear that the dog is having a conversation with his owner about food. When I showed it to my parents when they came over for supper last night they laughed like crazy too! So I decided to put it here on my blog to make it easier for them to find it from their place if they want to show it to their friends at a later point in time. So this is for you Mom & Dad!