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foxhound (free clip art)

foxhound (free clip art)

Chuck asked me if I would dog sit his foxhound starting tomorrow while he and Sue go on a vacation to Florida. I agreed to do so, but I stipulated that I would actually have to stay at their house instead of bringing the dog to my place. I am not interested in trying to deal with a dog peeing on my carpet or “marking” my book cases! So yesterday I went over to their place to learn the different things that I am going to have to do. One unexpected turn was that I am going to have to administer some medicated drops in the dog’s ears once a day while they are gone. I’m not thrilled with that idea, but it is better than having to do eye drops!

Water damage

One of the worst things that a homeowner can discover when they walk in the door after a vacation trip, or even just after a long day at work is a Sewage Backup in their house. Of course the way they discover it is by the nasty smell in the house, along with a puddle of sewage on the floor. If the homeowner is lucky, they discover it early enough in the day that they can get the problem fixed before they want to go to bed that night! And hopefully they’ll discover it the same day it happened, before the mold and bacteria start to make themselves comfortable in the nooks and crannies along the seams of the pipes and the floors.

Checking out a dental practice for sale in Maine

Have you ever been to Maine? I was there a few years ago – went on a vacation trip with my parents. We drove up the coastal Route 1, stopping at the various scenic look-outs, on our way up to Bar Harbour. My father said that it was really a business trip, he wanted to check out a dental practice for sale in Rockland and he managed to combine business with pleasure. We managed to go during the annual Lobster Festival, and watch some of the log-turning contestants try to stay on top of the log in the water the longest amount of time. I don’t remember what the prize was (other than bragging rights) but it was fun to watch all of the contestants run on the logs, trying to stay on top, with the end result of the most ungraceful falls into the water! That was where I had my first honest-to-goodness doughboy (and boy was that yummy!) and I had my first true Maine Lobster!

I have to say that it was amazing how good the “real” Maine Lobster was compared to the stuff we get in the local restaurants. Even when you go into a local restaurant and pick the lobster out from the water tank so you know you are getting it fresh, well, I guess they just don’t have the right knack. There just is no comparison.

Sun, Sand and Golf for the Soul

Talking with my sister last night, she confided that she was depressed about summer coming to an end. When we were kids, we used to vacation at the beach quite a bit. If we weren’t at the beach , then we were at the river or at the community pool. Now that we are grownups, we are lucky to get to Myrtle Beach once during the summer. That is just not enough water to refresh my soul. The water re-energizes me, clears my head and makes me feel refreshed. I need that more than once a year.

I’m trying to talk her into booking a Myrtle Beach hotel with me and getting away at the end of September for a long weekend. I would love to spend four days in the sun and sand and on the golf greens with my sister. That would be heaven.

Finally, after almost an hour of persuading and whining, she agreed to look at some of the Myrtle Beach best hotels and consider going away for 4 days. I hope she follows through on her promise and calls me back tonight to finish making plans.

End of Summer Resort

Everyone I know has been to the beach for their week of vacation by now. Once Memorial Day comes, it’s like the gate has opened at the racetrack – everyone bolts for the beach. This year, I’ve been to the beach twice, but I’m not satisfied with just two trips. I want to go to a Myrtle Beach hotel at least one more time.

A quick look online and I know I will find the perfect resort for a 4 day weekend. Four days is a good visit to the beach. You can enjoy the sun and sand and play golf at least once on a quick getaway.

The Labor Day holiday weekend is just a few days away. If the hurricane heading west across the Atlantic does not spoil everyone’s long weekend, it’s not too late to book resorts in Myrtle Beach and set up a tee time on one of their world-famous gold courses. There is still time for summer fun, even at the end of summer.