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School Buses

It’s that time of the year that we really need to pay attention to the fact that kids are heading back to school and that the roads will be packed with those big, loud, smelly, yellow school buses that are out in force early in the morning and again in the late afternoon.

Proceed with caution please for all the bus riders and the walkers as well.



Our Local Farmers Market

I went to the local farmer’s market yesterday.  I haven’t gone to a farmer’s market in a very long time,  I just never really think to go there since it isn’t in a part of town that I generally go into.  I bought some apple butter and a jar of homemade bread and butter pickles and I have to say that they were the best bread and butter pickles I have ever had in my life!  I’m going to have to go back there and buy more of them next week!

Bar Make-Over

Hard to believe that I still have a few gift cards left from last Christmas. Gift cards seem to be the popular gift giving option these days. I’m all for it, giving or receiving them, it’s a quick and easy process for all concerned. I can’t believe that I still have a few in my wallet, six months after receiving them. So it is time to put them to use.

I’ve been wanting to make a few changes around the place and have decided to give my bar area a slight make-over. I’m going to start with looking for the Best Wine Racks that I can find online. Wine Storage and Wine Racks are an important part of keeping your wine in the best shape until the time comes that you want to pop the cork and enjoy the numerous varieties of wines that are available these days. I’ve always enjoyed tasting different wines, especially local wines and believe me there are wineries all over this area that offer free wine tastings. I’ve spent many afternoons visiting a good amount of these wine tasting offers and there are still plenty more out there just waiting for me to come and check out. I’ll get to all of them at some point.

Water Skiing

Today I learned to water ski! It was a lot of work, but it was so much fun! A couple of friends invited me to come to their cottage on the lake and we went out on the boat for a couple of hours. They went water skiing and offered to teach me how to do it. It took a couple of attempts for me to get up out of the water and stay up on the skis, but I did it! I was a little bit scared at first; I was surprised how much stress it put on my shoulders, getting pulled up out of the water; but once I got up on my feet it wasn’t too bad. It was a little bit scary going up over the waves of the wake – once I got out of the wake I was afraid to go back in for a while. I’m looking forward to doing it again soon!

Visiting the Melting Pot

Written by my friend Judson Kelly

I recently visited my friend in Staten Island, New York. She lives there but travels north to work in Manhattan every day. When we decided that I would come out and visit for a month she promised me she would call direct tv staten island to see if my favorite show, which she does not watch, was available there. She told me if it wasn’t she would add some channels. I laughed and told her that I hoped to spend most of my time touring New York but that watching television in the evening after a busy day of sightseeing would be relaxing and appreciated. She knows that I am a television junkie, thus the reason for her promise to have my programs available. I had a great time, got to view my shows at night, and the month flew by. I really enjoyed going over to Ellis Island and seeing the Statue of Liberty, shopping in New York City, and people watching! New York is a true melting pot of culture and diversity. It is so much fun to be out and about and in the middle of the fast pace there. I enjoyed my time but as the saying goes, there is no place like home!