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Thanksgiving with Grandma

Content by Leo Lucas

I always spend Thanksgiving Dinner with my grandmother, mostly because we both love to cook. She usually puts the turkey in the night before Thanksgiving and then we spend the rest of the night making bread and other baked goodies. My grandmother taught me to cook when I was a little girl, so I always love going back to her home to cook with her.

We usually have our dinner around 2 pm, so we wake early in the morning to prepare side dishes and serve a home cooked breakfast to the family. We have all of the general side dishes as well as garden fresh vegetables that she freezes in the summer months.

My grandfather carves the turkey as we place dishes and fresh bread on the big table in the dinning room. This is pretty standard every year. We tend to sit at the table eating for a few hours and talking about the years past. Many times we will hear stories from the Great Depression and Wars, which is great for a history buff like me.

When we are done with Thanksgiving dinner we clean up and settle down in front of the television  for an old movie and some pie. The laughter usually laughs well into the night, when the turkey sandwiches are served.

I’ve always liked Al Franken

I never got to see this video when it was first aired on television, but I’m seeing it now on the Internet! I think it’s a riot, but it does not do anything to lower my opinion of his ability to be in politics! I’ve always liked Al Franken, I think he is a very smart, and very funny man. But it is obvious to me that he is very concerned about the state of world and I think he will do a good job in the Senate. I hope that they certify him soon so he can get in there and start working!

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I had caught a bad cold and didn’t cook, or go anywhere. So I basically spent the day in bed watching television. But what WAS nice about MY Thanksgiving this year is that my folks cooked for me and brought me some food to eat, and filled my fridge with all kinds of goodies. So, this year I’m thankful for good friends and family who look after me when I’m under the weather!

Health center

I don’t know why I’m always surprised when I go out to run errands on my lunch break and see so many people walking around town in their medical scrub clothing.  After all, this town has a large hospital in it, and I’m sure that some of the employees have errands that they need to run during the work day on their break or before/after their work shift.

I always feel like in the middle of a television filming set of Scrubs! Today I saw a few nurses eating lunch at the table next to mine, and one of them was wearing a cute set of scrubs – it was tailored and looked good on him. I asked him where he had found that set of scrubs and he wrote down the web address on a napkin for me.

I went to that website and browsed around and found a great page full of really nice-looking lanyards. I’ve often wondered where people could get nice looking lanyards – well they have them there! They cost a lot more than I had anticipated, though,