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Still using tubes in today’s world

When Jason told me that he read some reviews on the ecc82 tube and that he is thinking about buying one to replace the stock tube that came with his preamp, I was really surprised. I didn’t realize, in this electronically advanced age of solid state technology that tubes were still being used in musical instruments or their accessories. I wonder how long it will be before these types of things become out-dated, obsolete, and impossible to find.

Fits in your pocket

I think it is amazing how many powerful devices have been miniaturized to the point where they can fit in your pocket! Two perfect examples of that are the pocket-sized Pico projectors that you can buy online or in retail stores, and the little electro-harmonix amp that I’ve only ever seen on the Internet (but only because I haven’t looked for them in stores.) I think it is amazing how modern technology has managed to make these types of things so small and portable!

Websites and webhosting

I have become more interested in learning more about the Internet. Not just how to make money, or buy things from the Internet, but general information like the history of the Internet, the technology behind it, different platforms, programming languages, the whole “kit and kaboodle” as it were. I find it a very interesting subject. In my pursuit of knowledge, I have been delighted to find so much information is available for free over the Internet itself!

There are a lot of articles and websites out there on the Internet about how to make money using the technology of the Internet. One article I read about making money using the Internet suggests that buying multiple domains is a smart business strategy. I think that makes a lot of sense – it helps to reduce the chances of a competitor getting a similar website and getting accidental hits from consumers that are trying to find you! 

I found a website that goes above and beyond the traditional webhosting rating service of listing what they think are the top ten best webhosts (which is a good thing because their top ten list only has four companies listed!) They have a section of informational articles about things that are related to webhosting, the internet, programming, websites, etc. I’ve spent a lot of time reading and learning about the Internet there!


Computer questions and answers

Frustrated lady at computer (free clip art)

Frustrated lady at computer (free clip art)

As fast as technology is changing, I seem to notice that there are more options “out there” in regards to computers and their peripheral equipment. There are so many different products out there that it gets overwhelming at times! And I’ve found that often times when I try to find out the answer to a question I don’t understand the “lingo” that is being used. Sometimes the answer confuses me even more than the question! Sometimes I just get tired of having to try to learn all of this new “stuff” and I’d appreciate getting a straight answer without having to learn a “new language!” I guess I’m just not a big enough computer geek to understand a lot of that. And that bothers me a lot, because I don’t like to feel stupid!