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Information about pets

There is a website that I found recently that I like. The site is dedicated to being informational regarding dogs and cats. It has a section dedicated to the different breeds (not yet all inclusive) and has a fairly comprehensive section about medical problems. I used the site today to look up labrador retriever medical problems to help out my neighbor today. She is thinking about buying a labrador puppy and wanted some information about what she might be able to expect as far as health issues are concerned. This new site is still expanding and it’s looking good!

Another ultimate tease video

I enjoy YouTube videos about pets…..

Today I was looking at videos on YouTube and found a video titled “Ultimate Cat Tease.” Thinking it would be as funny as the “Ultimate Dog” tease that I shared earlier, I decided to watch it. I did get a chuckle out of the video, although the dog tease video made me laugh more. If you decide to watch this video, don’t be discouraged – there are a few times in the middle of the video that you think the video has ended, but it hasn’t. Just keep watching for a bit longer….

No more excuses!

Where there’s a will there’s a way!

A shelter should never get in the predicament of having to kill any of the animals there if the staff is doing their jobs. We, the taxpayers, are paying their salaries as well as the sodium phenobarbital (the blue hue) used to commit murder.

Make sure your shelter employees and director are doing their job such as making the shelter inviting to the public. Make it a comfortable, homey atmosphere so potential adopters can play with, love on and learn the individual pets temperament.

The shelter director should have many rescue groups and temporary foster homes (volunteers) to move unadopted animals to so there is room for the stray, abandoned and surrendered pets that come in daily. The director should incorporate the fostered pets in with the off-site adoption events the shelter holds.

Specials are needed to entice the public to adopt. Variety is far and wide on these. New Year’s Day special would be the year (2013) $20.13 adoption fee~vs~ the normal, higher rate. February=Valentine’s Day; what about a 2-4-1 Sweetheart Special? You get the idea? Instead of killing some of the white cats, offer a mix & match adoption. Pay for one and choose a free white cat of your choice.

No more excuses! We can fix this if we try!


Unexpected Flea Problem

I spent the night last night at a friend’s house.  Her house appeared very clean, so I was surprised when I woke up this morning with my legs covered with flea bites!  I suggested to her that she might want to put her pets on some kind of medication like Frontline or Advantage that sterilizes the fleas that bite her pets so that any eggs the fleas lay won’t hatch.