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Spray on snow

Yesterday I was reading an article about dying Christmas traditions. One of the traditions mentioned was the use of the spray-on-snow. Did you know that the snow used to be made from asbestos? I wonder how many people now are suffering from mesothelioma as a result of the spray-on-snow that they used to decorate their houses with? I can remember when I was a child my parents used it to spray on the Christmas tree!

I was reading up on asbestos in products that we may not have known about, and discovered that it was used (as fake snow) in a lot of movies – like the Wizard of Oz and Holiday Inn!

asbestos in Wizard of Oz

asbestos in Wizard of Oz

If you want more information about asbestos and Christmas decorations (fake snow), I would encourage you to do some “Googling” yourself. You will find lots of articles on the subject!

Why do they call it a monitor?

When Jessie told me that he was thinking about buying a new mr8 monitor, I was thinking he was talking about a monitor for his computer. Turns out he was talking about a speaker. I’m confused. Why not call it a speaker? It has a woofer, and a tweeter. It looks like a speaker, it acts like a speaker. What is this world coming to? I am beginning to understand why people don’t seem to understand each other anymore – we are all using the exact same words to describe different things!

Double check

When someone comes to visit, as they get ready to leave, I ask them to take another look around to make sure they didn’t leave anything important behind. Most of the time, these people are pleasant about the reminder, and we will look around together for anything that might have been left behind. Not so Sammy, though. Last weekend when she came over to visit, as she was getting ready to leave, I put out my usual “let’s look around one last time for anything you might have forgotten to pack.” If looks could kill, I’d be dead! Sammy got very snarky with me, and refused to look around. Imagine my reaction when I got a text from her the next day, asking me to see if she had left her gear bag behind in the guest bedroom closet!

Of course it was there. And now I have to go out of my way to get it to Sammy. Well, thanks a lot!

3D television shows?

I find 3D movies a novelty. And when I go to an amusement park, such as DisneyWorld, I enjoy the 3D shows that they have there. But to be perfectly honest those 3D glasses that you have to wear to watch a 3D show is a real hassle. Every time a 3D television show comes on and is hyped up to the point where people are running out to get their pair of 3D glasses I just shudder at the thought. Unless and until they make 3D clip-ons for people who wear glasses, I am not planning on subscribing to any 3D pay television programming! I just can’t stand wearing those glasses!

Finding sex offenders in our area

My cousin sent me an email with a link to a website that provides comprehensive information about Sex Offenders nationwide and a Sex Offender List based on zip code. This was done in part in response to Megan’s Law (The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1995) which states that people have the right to know if sex offenders live in their area. I was really quite concerned to find how many sex offenders there are in our town! Protect yourself! Check them out!