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Wrapping Up 2017 in Style!

This weekend has been crazy hectic and full of fun! With New Year’s Eve on a Sunday night, we’ve made this a four day weekend of parties and great food with friends all over town!

The whole year is almost behind us. I’ve had some good times and some troubled times, but mostly good, considering. I think the best part was a couple of the concerts that I was able to attend, including my favorite jazz musician, Boney James. Boney plays the saxophone like nobody else and he is SOOOOOO sexy! I really loved that show!

Anyway, I’ve got to run out to a party tonight and then we are all going dowtown tomorrow night for the big New Year’s Eve bash and to welcome in 2018. So you soon!

Winter Evening Wear

I have been invited to a real fancy New Year’s bash, a bit last minute mind you, but that’s OK. I’m just glad that I have a few nice evening dresses to choose from that I can wear that will keep me warm in these cold nights that we are experiencing. I wouldn’t want to freeze my fanny off on such a big night that I’m so looking forward to. My wardrobe isn’t all that extensive when it comes to evening wear. I have a few old prom dresses left in the back of my closet, lord knows how long they will be stuck back there before seeing any daylight again!

I usually don’t go out on New Year’s eve. The thought of being out there with so many folks that have been partying and drinking for hours on end is a bit disturbing and has kept me home most New Year’s celebrations, and most people that I know are well aware of my thoughts on this. But……..an old friend, out of the blue, called me up and it just sounds like too much fun to say no to. So we will see how it all pans out and I hope that everyone of my readers out there have a fun and safe New Years!


My cousin’s daughter is turning thirteen later this month. She was talking to me on the phone asking me for kids birthday party ideas to help her plan her daughter’s birthday party. We were talking about the best birthday parties we’ve ever been to, and the parties that we would have loved to have. The best parties I’ve ever been to involved getting the kids involved in simple but fun games where everyone won prizes! I think if I were to have had the ideal birthday party, it would have been when I was in third grade and I would have invited several girl friends over and had a fairy themed party.

Or maybe when I was a teenager and I could invite boys and girls, and have a pizza parlor themed party! I was looking at a party website to come up with some ideas for my cousin’s party. I saw that it was a website where readers can share their ideas and experiences and recipes for ideas on a wide variety of parties, for kids AND adults, birthday or anniversary or retirement, or graduation, or showers – whatever party reason you can think of! 

I got side tracked reading about the fairy birthday party ideas; they sounded like a lot of fun for a little girl’s party!

Memorial Day Weekend

Today I went to a Memorial Day barbeque party that my office was throwing. It was a huge party, with a live band.  Everyone was supposed to bring their entire family. 

We did have a minute of silence in remembrance and honor of all of those who have served in the military, and I thought that was a good idea. 

After the minute of silence there were games and competitions and prizes and lots of food to eat, lots of different beverages to enjoy.  The band was terrific, lots of people danced.  I danced until I thought I was going to drop from exhaustion!  I had a great time!