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Decent Prices on Fender Amps

Josh was telling me that he was hoping to find a decent price on a Fender Amp and then use the money that he earned last month to purchase a new one. I suggested that he consider buying a used, refurbished one, but I don’t know if he is going to take my advice. Sometimes refurbished items have good warranties on them and you can save a lot of money on them. I hope he takes his time and does a lot of comparison shopping – and check around online, too. I think the money is burning a hole in his pocket!

Home theater systems

With the price of gasoline continuing to skyrocket, we will be spending more time at home and less time on the road. That means we will be spending more of our money on fixing up our place to enjoy it on our vacations instead of traveling. I’ve heard the phrase “Staycations” tossed around a lot lately – it means people who are staying home on their vacations instead of going someplace “special.” So, we are going to be investing some money making our home someplace “special.” 

We have a large room in our basement that we are going to convert into a home theater system. We’ve been looking online to do some shopping, pricing and planning of the system that we want to get. My honey wants to get some JBL cinema speakers for the system, and I’ve told him that I’ll leave that kind of planning up to him. I’d like to get more involved in picking out the cool seating arrangements to make sure that everyone that is in the room has a great view and a comfortable seat. And I want to make sure that we have a mini-kitchen area nearby so we can pop some popcorn and serve cold refreshments without having to go upstairs to get food or drinks. I’m really looking forward to having this done – it is going to be so cool!

Fits in your pocket

I think it is amazing how many powerful devices have been miniaturized to the point where they can fit in your pocket! Two perfect examples of that are the pocket-sized Pico projectors that you can buy online or in retail stores, and the little electro-harmonix amp that I’ve only ever seen on the Internet (but only because I haven’t looked for them in stores.) I think it is amazing how modern technology has managed to make these types of things so small and portable!

Guitar strings

After watching the YouTube video about the Ernie Ball Guitar strings, Nikky told me that she was going to go ahead and order the ernie ball 2221 for Steve. She says that now she’s sure that was what he said that he needed to get, and since she found a really great price for them by shopping around online she wasn’t too concerned about wasting money if she ordered the wrong ones by mistake.

Breathtaking table linens

I have gotten really tired of the table linens on the tables in my parlor, so I decided to go shopping online and see if I could find something with some “Wow” factor that I could use to replace them. I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for, but when I saw the sequined over-lay tablecloths for sale at the premier table linens website I was pretty sure that I found exactly the right table-cloth for the job! I can’t wait to hear the reaction of my friends once they see the tablecloth I have ordered!