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Don’t they label their products?

I was reading a story on the yahoo news website about how 170 wedding guests were rushed to the hospital after someone mistakenly added powdered rust remover to the stew being served to the guests, thinking it was salt. What is up with all of these problems with food products and poison? Don’t they label their products? For crying out loud, someone should have put the skull and crossbones on that package of rust remover! Even if people can’t read, something that is toxic should have that big skull and bones marked on it!

The Drinking Of Wine For Your Health

This Infographics that I have been finding on various websites are pretty darned cool. I have always had a hard time reading things and learning from what I have read (hence my problem with following directions) I am a visual learner, meaning I need to be able to see pictures or be able to touch, feel, or smell. So these Infographics are right up my alley. Check out this latest Infographic that I ran across when I was researching the benefits of drinking wine online earlier today entitled “Drink To Your Health”

Drink to Your Health infographic from ONEHOPE Wine
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Don’t Drive and Text

There was a really bad train wreck a few years ago in California that left twenty five dead and one hundred thirty eight injured.  I was reading that the investigation into the wreck indicates that the engineer of the train that caused the wreck may have been text messaging instead of paying attention to his job.

I see so many people text messaging today, and it really bothers me a lot.  Most of the time these people are supposed to be paying attention to someone or something else and they get distracted by a text message.  I refuse to even activate the text messaging feature of my cell phone!  I think if people want to reach me they can call me!


I didn’t know people were eating monkeys!

I was reading a BBC.com website news story today about how 48% of the world’s primate species are facing extinction.  The article explains that a large reason for that was the deforestation of the world; people are cutting down and/or burning the forests that the primates live in.  That was depressing news.  But what really surprised me was to read in the article that the extinction is being exacerbated by hunters who are hunting the primates for food!  I did not realize that people considered monkeys as edible!  I don’t know why, I just never really thought people would eat monkeys.  That makes me especially sad, since I consider primates to be so closely related to humans that it almost seems cannibalistic to eat them!