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Serious Keyboard

When I first met John, he was telling me about how he has a recording studio in his house, and that he does professional recordings for customers. He was telling me about all of his state of the art equipment, like a studio 61 keyboard, as if I was supposed to know what all of the brand names were, and be impressed with what he has. I was too embarrassed to admit that I don’t know anything about what brands are good, and what are not, or even what all of the different pieces of equipment do. Sometimes it is hard to fake it, you know what I mean?

Still using tubes in today’s world

When Jason told me that he read some reviews on the ecc82 tube and that he is thinking about buying one to replace the stock tube that came with his preamp, I was really surprised. I didn’t realize, in this electronically advanced age of solid state technology that tubes were still being used in musical instruments or their accessories. I wonder how long it will be before these types of things become out-dated, obsolete, and impossible to find.

That green-eyed monster had a grip on me!

jealousy (free clip art)

jealousy (free clip art)

Ever since I was a teenager, I enjoyed listening to my brother’s “garage band” practice their music. Actually, they practiced in the basement, but they called themselves a “garage band” so who am I to argue? There was one guy that played the epiphone acoustic bass guitar that I had a serious crush on! He was so cute! I could never really get his attention, though, because he already had a very pretty girlfriend. The girlfriend was very nice, but I envied her and tried hard to hate her and everything she did! Looking back I have to laugh at how much I tried to hate that girl – she never did anything mean to me – she just had the affections of the guy I wanted!