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Last Sunday was Mother’s Day

Mothers Day (free clip art)

Mothers Day (free clip art)

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day, so I went over to my mother’s house to pick her up and take her out to breakfast at her favorite restaurant, Friendly’s. I gave her a bouquet of flowers in a beautiful vase, and after breakfast I took her home and visited with her for a while before heading home. I think she was pleased.

Broken doorbell

Mom was very upset over the fact that people have been claiming to come over and deliver packages and that no one was home at the time so the packages were returned. She has been complaining to Dad for over a year that the doorbell is too quiet and there have been several times that people have rung the bell and no one heard it. So we think that is the case with the package deliveries. Dad finally agreed to look at the bell, telling Mom that it probably just needed new batteries  Mom told him she was sure it was hardwired and no batteries were needed. So Dad finally got the step-ladder and took the cover off. He was going to prove his point that it just needed new batteries. Well, Mom got to say “I told you so” because there were no batteries.

Going on the assumption that maybe it just needs a good cleaning, Dad has been vacuuming the dust out and is playing around with it to see if he can adjust the volume or change the chime to one that is easier to hear. I hope it works! This is not the time of year to have a doorbell that no one can hear!

Home theater systems

With the price of gasoline continuing to skyrocket, we will be spending more time at home and less time on the road. That means we will be spending more of our money on fixing up our place to enjoy it on our vacations instead of traveling. I’ve heard the phrase “Staycations” tossed around a lot lately – it means people who are staying home on their vacations instead of going someplace “special.” So, we are going to be investing some money making our home someplace “special.” 

We have a large room in our basement that we are going to convert into a home theater system. We’ve been looking online to do some shopping, pricing and planning of the system that we want to get. My honey wants to get some JBL cinema speakers for the system, and I’ve told him that I’ll leave that kind of planning up to him. I’d like to get more involved in picking out the cool seating arrangements to make sure that everyone that is in the room has a great view and a comfortable seat. And I want to make sure that we have a mini-kitchen area nearby so we can pop some popcorn and serve cold refreshments without having to go upstairs to get food or drinks. I’m really looking forward to having this done – it is going to be so cool!

Reclaiming resources

One of the things that I really enjoy hearing about, or reading about, is when people use reclaimed building materials to either build their new homes or to renovate their older homes. For example, every now and then I hear about old barns being torn down and the wood being used to build and decorate new homes. Barn board is very in-demand and expensive! Who would have thought that the wood used to house livestock would be valued later by people in their own homes! 

There is a company that is dedicated to helping consumers to get reclaimed wood flooring in their homes. There website is snheartpine dot com. They sell beautiful reclaimed heart pine, wormy chestnut, reclaimed barnwood, and a large variety of native American hardwoods. These folks are true craftsmen, and their work is beautiful.

Dial up vs Broadband connections

I was reading an article about how many people with dial up Internet claim that the reason they have the dial up is because it costs less than the broadband connection does. I have to wonder what their provider options are; perhaps they are too rural to have enough competition to make the broadband more affordable.

Before broadband became available in our area, we had dial-up Internet. We liked it because that provided us access to the Internet, and that was the only option available. But it was very slow. But we put up with it because we HAD to. Our phone line was so buy with personal calls, however, that we had to get a separate private line just for the Internet so that we could be able to talk on the phone while using the Internet. Cell phone coverage was too spotty to be able to use the cell phone as our home phone. I don’t care WHAT the Verizon commercials claim, we have Verizon and we can’t even talk on our cell phones at home! Oh, don’t even get me started on that one!

Anyway, when broadband became available, the cost of the broadband, when compared to the cost of the dial up service AND the cost of the private line was actually cost competitive, so we switched to the broadband service. And I have to say I LOVE IT! It is SO MUCH FASTER!