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Pets are family members

Our keeshond Dutch is getting older now, and I can see his muzzle graying. He slows down quicker when we go for a long walk together, or when we play fetch. Boy does that dog love to play fetch! He doesn’t care if it’s a stick or a ball or a frisbee, he loves to play fetch! And he loves children, too. He will let them pet him, and tug on his fur and he’ll just lie there and take it. If it gets too bad he’ll get up and go hide under a bed somewhere. He’s never bit a soul in his life. But he’s a magnificent “watch dog” he will bark and growl at strangers until I tell him it’s ok! And the strangers ARE afraid of him because he looks so much like a wolf! They don’t know how gentle he really is, and that’s OK with me!

Lately I’ve been spending some time reading about health issues related to his aging process. I want to make sure to keep him in the best possible health and make sure he lives a good long time! 

Information about pets

There is a website that I found recently that I like. The site is dedicated to being informational regarding dogs and cats. It has a section dedicated to the different breeds (not yet all inclusive) and has a fairly comprehensive section about medical problems. I used the site today to look up labrador retriever medical problems to help out my neighbor today. She is thinking about buying a labrador puppy and wanted some information about what she might be able to expect as far as health issues are concerned. This new site is still expanding and it’s looking good!

The Drinking Of Wine For Your Health

This Infographics that I have been finding on various websites are pretty darned cool. I have always had a hard time reading things and learning from what I have read (hence my problem with following directions) I am a visual learner, meaning I need to be able to see pictures or be able to touch, feel, or smell. So these Infographics are right up my alley. Check out this latest Infographic that I ran across when I was researching the benefits of drinking wine online earlier today entitled “Drink To Your Health”

Drink to Your Health infographic from ONEHOPE Wine
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Just What Are Green Wines?

People that know me and/or read this blog know that I appreciate any person or business that does their part in being as Green as possible. Since I have been on the subject of wine lately I thought that this Infographic was full of some interesting information that I wanted to pass along here for others who might want to know about today’s GREEN Wines.
what are green wines infographic wine.com
Presented By Wine.com, Purveyors of fine green Wine

Don’t Drive and Text

There was a really bad train wreck a few years ago in California that left twenty five dead and one hundred thirty eight injured.  I was reading that the investigation into the wreck indicates that the engineer of the train that caused the wreck may have been text messaging instead of paying attention to his job.

I see so many people text messaging today, and it really bothers me a lot.  Most of the time these people are supposed to be paying attention to someone or something else and they get distracted by a text message.  I refuse to even activate the text messaging feature of my cell phone!  I think if people want to reach me they can call me!