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Tough Month for Moving

My good friend, Julie, has to move this month. She has to be out of her old apartment by October 31, which is Halloween. What a horrible day to have to move!

She has been talking to different moving companies to check on her options. She just has a cute little two bedroom apartment and not a lot of “stuff,” so she is considering doing most of the packing herself. I can’t blame her for that – if you pack it then you have a good idea of where it is when you have to unpack later.

I don’t have any first hand experience with professional movers to be able to help her finding help. But I sure can show up at her apartment one night after work and help her pack and clean. Sometimes the kitchen is the hardest room to get ready for moving. Not only do you have to pack a lot of spillable and breakable items, but you have to clean everything after it is empty.

She has already got the moving quotes and is trying to make up her mind which company to use. She is running out of time – she has to be moved in just 2 weeks! I told her that I am standing ready to help – just let me know which night after work would be most convenient for her. After all, that’s what a good friend does.

Breathtaking table linens

I have gotten really tired of the table linens on the tables in my parlor, so I decided to go shopping online and see if I could find something with some “Wow” factor that I could use to replace them. I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for, but when I saw the sequined over-lay tablecloths for sale at the premier table linens website I was pretty sure that I found exactly the right table-cloth for the job! I can’t wait to hear the reaction of my friends once they see the tablecloth I have ordered!

Isn’t Envy supposedly one of the great sins?

I just don’t get it. A few days ago, I was driving my car, listening to the radio, and a commercial came on that just totally “got my goat.”

If I recall correctly, it was a commercial for a furniture store, but I could be wrong. (That part really isn’t important anyway.) What got to me was that they were trying to sell their product by saying something along the lines of “Make all your friends envious by buying our product!”

I don’t understand why anyone would want to make their friends envious!? Isn’t envy supposed to be one of the “great sins?” Isn’t envy bad? Wouldn’t making my friends envious be causing them emotional pain? Why would I want to cause my friends pain? What kind of friend would I be, if I wanted to hurt them? How am I going to be able to keep their friendship if I hurt them? Why would I want to participate in that type of activity?

What kind of society are we living in, where we want to hurt our friends?

I just don’t get it!

A Nice Quiet Christmas

The best thing I can say about my Christmas is that it was quiet. There was no drama, thank goodness.

I talked with, texted, or IM’d a variety of family members and friends and have been wished Merry Christmas so many times that I’ve lost count. But I appreciate the sincere wishes from everyone. That was nice.

We had a nice dinner of roast chicken and stuffing. I didn’t want to fuss with a turkey and have a lot of leftovers. I don’t like to waste food and a plump chicken roaster was plenty of food.

A Wine and Chocolate Party

Tiffany and her husband have just started their own vineyard and they are offering free wine tastings every weekend.  I had never heard of drinking wine while eating chocolates, but when the gals from work decided to go to one of their wine tastings, that is exactly what we did.

There are several different types of chocolate, and they go with different wines.  You can drink either red or white wine, depending on the chocolate.  I have a very serious sweet tooth, so my favorites were with the sweet chocolates and sweet wines.  I even bought a bottle of their dessert wine to take home and share with my family.