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International Apothecary Online

Sometimes a friend of mine will send me links to some interesting websites that she discovers. One such link she sent to me recently was to http://www.smallflower.com, which calls itself an “International Apothecary.” I’ve been looking around the website, intrigued with the different candles that they have for sale. The candles are 6.5 ounces and sell for $60 or more! I have to admit that I was surprised at the cost. I was trying to find out what the candle was made from (parrafin or soy) but could not get the tabs that showed product details to work. I found that a bit frustrating!

Nancy is moving

My best friend from work has told me that her husband has got a promotion at his job that involves moving to Wilmington NC. Since she can easily transfer to that area, they are taking the chance to improve their lives and moving next month. She has started to research the Wilmington NC Real Estate market to try to decide whether to buy or rent a place. I’ve suggested that they just rent until they are more familiar with the area. I’d hate for her to move to a neighborhood that she ended up hating!

Store brand vs brand name

I have several friends who are “snobs” in that they will only buy “brand name” products at the store. A few days ago I went shopping with a friend, and I noticed that everything she bought was brand name, yet there was “store brand” equivalents right next to the product that she was buying. In some cases (such as allergy medicine) the store brand she was buying was more than double the price of the store brand! I asked her why she was buying the more expensive product and she answered “only poor people buy the store brand!” I can’t understand that type of consumer snobbery. The next time my friend complains about money being tight, I’ll remind her that she could cut her grocery store expenditure drastically by buying store brand products!