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Respect the cook

Growing up in my parent’s house, when presented at the dinner table with a new or unfamiliar food, the household rule was that you are expected to (at the very least) try one bite. If you don’t like it, you force yourself to swallow it without a lot of drama or facial contortions and politely say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t care for that.” You were (and still are) to always respect the fact that our mother made a huge effort to shop for, prepare, cook and serve a variety of wholesome and tasty foods, day after day after day just for our benefit and enjoyment. And our mother respected that fact that trying to please the tastebuds of seven people every night was a daunting task, especially when little sister announced out of the blue that from here forward she would be a vegetarian and refused to eat meat, poultry or fish. But I do appreciate the fact that my parents exposed us to a variety of foods at the family dinner table and it not only enriched our lives but taught us to appreciate and respect each other, as well.

Chinese food for supper tonight

I’ve been busy cleaning house all day long, and I’m too tired to cook. So I sent my honey out to pick up some Chinese take-out. I’ve ordered a large order of beef lo-mein noodles and a quart of sweet and sour chicken. The chicken comes with a side of white rice, so that will actually last us through two meals for under $15.00. Not a bad expense for two meals for two people! I’m waiting for the food to arrive now – the table is all set and I’m ready to eat!

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I had caught a bad cold and didn’t cook, or go anywhere. So I basically spent the day in bed watching television. But what WAS nice about MY Thanksgiving this year is that my folks cooked for me and brought me some food to eat, and filled my fridge with all kinds of goodies. So, this year I’m thankful for good friends and family who look after me when I’m under the weather!

Sargento Cheese Snacks are a Perfect After-School Snack for Kids

Are your kids always hungry when they get home from school? This can sometimes be frustrating, because they’ll be having dinner so soon! We also know how hard it is when your kids are hungry in the car, at a game, or while on errands. What’s a mom to do? We have found the perfect solution: Sargento cheese snacks. We know cheese snacks are nothing new, but with their natural cheeses and variety of delicious flavors, your kids will always love having Sargento snacks! They’re never messy, always tasty, and your kids will love this new after-school treat!

Sargento string cheese is a classic for those kids who might be pickier. This all-natural Mozzarella cheese is super delicious and will never get old! They’re also low-moisture and part-skim for optimal taste and healthiness. It’ll be hard for your kids to try any other string cheese after having Sargento’s! If you’re extra working about your kids’ health, try buying them the Sargento light string cheese. They’re only fifty calories a piece and are fifty percent less fat! This is definitely a snack worth investing in.

If your kids have more adventurous palettes, try one of the several flavors of the Sargento cheese sticks. Spice up your kids’ afternoon with the Natural Pepper Jack cheese snacks. The delicious flavors of habanero and jalapeno add a great burst to anyone’s afternoon! If you think these flavors may be too much for your kids, try Vermont Sharp White Cheddar, regular Cheddar, or Double Cheddar flavors for your kids – cheddar’s always a huge hit! There are also great blends like Cheddar-Mozzarella and Colby-Jack for fun and unique tastes! Your kids are sure to love them!

Another great Sargento snack is the Colby-Jack cube snack! These are perfect for smaller kids – and it’s a fun finger food for all! They’re great paired with vegetables and tooth picks for a make-your-own shish kabob snack event! They’re the ultimate type of fun without any mess!

With these great Sargento snack options, after-school hunger will never be a problem again! These snacks are perfect for holding your kids over until dinner, and are sure not to ruin their appetites!


This is a cute and funny video

I’ve seen this video before, but it still cracks me up. This is dubbed over to make it appear that the dog is having a conversation with his owner about food. When I showed it to my parents when they came over for supper last night they laughed like crazy too! So I decided to put it here on my blog to make it easier for them to find it from their place if they want to show it to their friends at a later point in time. So this is for you Mom & Dad!