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Chocolate is the food of love

For years I’ve heard that eating chocolate releases a chemical in the bloodstream that gives the consumer the same “rush” that they get when they are in love. Maybe that is why giving a woman birthday chocolates or Valentine’s day chocolates is such a popular gift. I’ve read that eating dark chocolate is actually supposed to be healthy for you, but to be honest I don’t care for the bitterness of dark chocolate. My favorite chocolate is white chocolate, which I understand isn’t really chocolate at all, but is almond paste.

Whenever I make a batch of brownies from a mix I like to add some semi-sweet chocolate chips in the batter. If I have some white chips I’ll add them too. I think that it just makes the brownies a little bit extra special. You should try it too sometime; your family will love you for it!

Thanksgiving with Grandma

Content by Leo Lucas

I always spend Thanksgiving Dinner with my grandmother, mostly because we both love to cook. She usually puts the turkey in the night before Thanksgiving and then we spend the rest of the night making bread and other baked goodies. My grandmother taught me to cook when I was a little girl, so I always love going back to her home to cook with her.

We usually have our dinner around 2 pm, so we wake early in the morning to prepare side dishes and serve a home cooked breakfast to the family. We have all of the general side dishes as well as garden fresh vegetables that she freezes in the summer months.

My grandfather carves the turkey as we place dishes and fresh bread on the big table in the dinning room. This is pretty standard every year. We tend to sit at the table eating for a few hours and talking about the years past. Many times we will hear stories from the Great Depression and Wars, which is great for a history buff like me.

When we are done with Thanksgiving dinner we clean up and settle down in front of the television  for an old movie and some pie. The laughter usually laughs well into the night, when the turkey sandwiches are served.

Independence Day

Well, our country’s  birthday just passed.  It was not  particularly spectacular for me.  I guess I was disappointed in our parade down Main Street.  It seemed a bit too short;  there were no marching bands or baton twirlers (like there were in the fireman’s parade around Memorial Day – that parade lasted for 2 hours!) and it seemed like it was mostly for the political venue.

I remember celebrating the 4th  of July back when I was a child.  It seemed bigger, better somehow.  But then again, things you remember from your childhood always do seem that way, at least for me.  I remember the fireworks and how big and beautiful they were and how long the show seemed to go on, and then there was the big family cookout.  But, as we grow up, I guess reality sets in a bit and things just aren’t the same.  The wonder of childhood is gone.

But, my niece did come to visit and she is in the military and stationed about 5 hours from here.  It was so good to see her and spend some time with her.  This will probably be my last chance to see her before Christmas because next month she is being transferred to Florida and will not be able to just drive up to see me any time she wants to.  So, that part of the holiday was great!!!!


Final expenses

Ever since one of my uncles died, my parents have been quite concerned about making sure that all of their “affairs” are in order. They have gone through their house and put little pieces of masking tape under or behind most of their possessions with the names of the person that they want to have that item when they have passed on, to make sure that the right person gets the right thing. They have made video tapes of themselves saying final words and goodbyes that they want played at their funeral. They have gone over their will and made a few changes, and are in the process of reviewing their insurance.

They have decided that they need to increase the coverage amount on their life insurance to help pay for funeral expenses and to help pay off their credit cards, mortgage, and other debts when they pass on. They don’t want to leave behind any kind of financial burden to their family, they want the peace of mind knowing that when they pass on no one will be burdened with any of their debt. So they have asked me to help them do some comparisons of different kinds of life insurance to make sure that they get the best value for their money. 

A Nice Quiet Christmas

The best thing I can say about my Christmas is that it was quiet. There was no drama, thank goodness.

I talked with, texted, or IM’d a variety of family members and friends and have been wished Merry Christmas so many times that I’ve lost count. But I appreciate the sincere wishes from everyone. That was nice.

We had a nice dinner of roast chicken and stuffing. I didn’t want to fuss with a turkey and have a lot of leftovers. I don’t like to waste food and a plump chicken roaster was plenty of food.