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foxhound (free clip art)

foxhound (free clip art)

Chuck asked me if I would dog sit his foxhound starting tomorrow while he and Sue go on a vacation to Florida. I agreed to do so, but I stipulated that I would actually have to stay at their house instead of bringing the dog to my place. I am not interested in trying to deal with a dog peeing on my carpet or “marking” my book cases! So yesterday I went over to their place to learn the different things that I am going to have to do. One unexpected turn was that I am going to have to administer some medicated drops in the dog’s ears once a day while they are gone. I’m not thrilled with that idea, but it is better than having to do eye drops!

Pets are family members

Our keeshond Dutch is getting older now, and I can see his muzzle graying. He slows down quicker when we go for a long walk together, or when we play fetch. Boy does that dog love to play fetch! He doesn’t care if it’s a stick or a ball or a frisbee, he loves to play fetch! And he loves children, too. He will let them pet him, and tug on his fur and he’ll just lie there and take it. If it gets too bad he’ll get up and go hide under a bed somewhere. He’s never bit a soul in his life. But he’s a magnificent “watch dog” he will bark and growl at strangers until I tell him it’s ok! And the strangers ARE afraid of him because he looks so much like a wolf! They don’t know how gentle he really is, and that’s OK with me!

Lately I’ve been spending some time reading about health issues related to his aging process. I want to make sure to keep him in the best possible health and make sure he lives a good long time! 

This is a cute and funny video

I’ve seen this video before, but it still cracks me up. This is dubbed over to make it appear that the dog is having a conversation with his owner about food. When I showed it to my parents when they came over for supper last night they laughed like crazy too! So I decided to put it here on my blog to make it easier for them to find it from their place if they want to show it to their friends at a later point in time. So this is for you Mom & Dad!