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Setting up a merchant account is good for business

In today’s economy, one of the most important things a business can do is to set up an account where they can be involved in credit card processing their sales. Accepting credit cards makes their business more attractive to consumers like me, who use credit cards for almost everything under the sun! I use credit cards everywhere I possibly can – I have a rewards card that pays me a cash back reward for every purchase I make, so it is like getting a discount on everything I buy!

Teenager’s first car

lead a horse to water (free clip art)

lead a horse to water (free clip art)

When Sue and I were talking about her teenager getting his first car, I was cautioning her that it would be smart to put the car in Sue’s name, and not the teenager’s name. At least put the car in both of their names so that they can get a multi-car discount on their don allred insurance policy! But I think that my advice has fallen on deaf ears and they are going to put the car in just the teenager’s name. I am pretty certain that the insurance premium is going to be higher that way. Well, as they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink!

Great fashion for under $20

Women and fashion are a funny thing. Most women hate wearing clothes that are out of fashion, and I have to admit that when I open my closet doors and look at my clothes, there are quite a few outfits in there that although I love them dearly I won’t wear them because they are not the current “in style” fashion.

I’m so pleased that I’ve discovered a great website that sells discount fashion! Everything on the website sells for $17.95 or less! How great is that! I’ve been looking at some of their great clothing to see what I’d like to buy for the upcoming winter season. Since styles change so frequently, I like to buy cheap clothing when I can find styles I like.  Why spend hundreds of dollars on something that is going to be out of style next year?

Shopping for shoes and fabric

Our family shops at Wal-Mart. When the news about Wal-Mart considering building a store in our town first hit the papers years ago there were a lot of unhappy people. Folks were saying that it was going to kill the small businessman. Then there were articles in the newspaper talking about how to survive the invasion of such a large discount supermarket, advising the “little stores” to focus on servicing products. Well, let me tell you that before this Wal-Mart came into town, there was only one shoe store in town, and I could never find any shoes there that fit my feet. I had to drive over two hours to find shoes that fit! Now, with the Wal-Mart in town, I can buy shoes that fit! And at less than half the price of the shoes I’d been forced to wear for so many years! So I’m glad that Wal-Mart came into town! 

A couple of years ago most of the Wal-Mart stores closed down their fabric departments, which made me really unhappy. I used to buy a lot of fabric there, as I love to sew. That was the only place in town I could buy fabric, so when I learned that they were closing their fabric departments I went to the store and bought as much fabric as I could afford so I could keep busy on my sewing machine for as long as possible. I was really glad when they recently reversed that decision and re-opened the fabric departments. I love browsing through the department and looking at all of the beautiful colors and patterns. I just wish I had the time to sew as much as I love to, and I wish I could figure out enough projects for all of the pretty fabric!