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Options for computer backups – backup online!

Online backups can be an economical and easy way to continuously back up computer files. I’ve been doing some research on the subject ever since the office computers started acting up a few weeks ago. We’ve become concerned that the computers are going to crash and we are going to lose our data, so we have been backing up to local media every couple of hours, just in case. It has been a real pain in the neck trying to keep everything backed up on local media every couple of hours! Our “IT guy” has been on vacation and his “backup” is too overwhelmed to get to our office quickly, so we’ve been struggling with the situation. 

Anyway, I’m going to suggest to my boss that we subscribe to an online backup service.


After a particulary busy and frustrating day at work, I come home and begin thinking of how nice it would be to retire and not have to endure the dog eat dog world out there each day and be able to travel and play when I want to, not when my boss says it is convenient for me to take time off.  So, I get on my computer and check my online portfolio manager to see what my investments are doing and what my options are to me to help me get through these tough economic times should I decide to retire.

I access the do it yourself portfolio management  available on the site.  This features portfolio rebalancing software that is easy to use and very helpful when it comes to managing my retirement portfolio.

After reviewing my portfolio, I decide that I may have to work a few additional years and let my money work for me a bit longer.

Shopping for a new computer

Well the time has come for me to replace my computer. My laptop just gave up the ghost and will not even turn on anymore. I am currently looking at several different brands and types of computers at the moment, but I just cannot make up my mind. My personal favorite is the Toshiba Satellite; but they are expensive. They have all of the features I really want and need already installed into it. If I buy something else, I will have to add a gaming card and external hard drive to compensate for the lack of what I need. It still saves me a little money, but is annoying because I want to have a laptop to take with me and carting the external hard drive is not convenient.

So, my debate with myself continues about what exactly to do. I will probably end up putting out the money for the Toshiba anyway, because I know it really is what I want with no hassles at all. In the end it really is worth it. My last Toshiba never gave me a moment’s trouble, the only reason it broke down was because it got knocked off of a high shelf.