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When I was taking college courses, one of the classes that I found quite interesting was and Introduction to Philosophy. The teacher was a very good one; he made me see and think about things in ways I had not thought before. I’m grateful to him for that. One of the things that I thought was interesting was that one of the first questions he brought before the class was the question as to whether or not God exists. It was a very interesting discussion! He argued both ways, that God exists, and then the other, that God does not exist. I found it interesting that he mentioned that one of the things science is always trying to do is to prove that God DOES exist, which is contrary to what I have heard so many bible-thumping people claim! So I thought that was a very interesting statement! I think science is just trying to get to the truth, and really doesn’t care one way or the other!

Accounting classes

When I was taking college courses, I had to take several accounting classes. The teacher of the classes tried to convince me to change my major from management to accounting, telling me that I could make a really good income as a certified public accountant. I’ve been told that before, but I’ve always been so concerned about how important it is to be extremely accurate, and I’d hate to think that one little mistake could really mess up someone’s life! I’d rather have a job that had less dire consequences if I made an error. Let that really important stuff be done by someone else – I don’t need that kind of pressure!

It’s in the cards

I was quite concerned when I was reading some articles last week about how easy it is for college students to get into financial trouble with their easily obtained student credit cards. These types of credit card offers sometimes come in with the junk mail – sometimes they are even addressed to family pets! I can remember getting a pre-approved offer in the mail for our cat not too long ago!

I think that college students would be wise to only use secured credit cards or prepaid cards. I think it would be a lot harder to get into too much debt that way. Sometimes I think that the credit card companies are NOT the consumer’s best friend at all! So I want to advise all students that are getting ready to head to college, to take a good hard look at what they truly are capable of paying back before they start using their cards like money grows on trees!