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When I was taking college courses, one of the classes that I found quite interesting was and Introduction to Philosophy. The teacher was a very good one; he made me see and think about things in ways I had not thought before. I’m grateful to him for that. One of the things that I thought was interesting was that one of the first questions he brought before the class was the question as to whether or not God exists. It was a very interesting discussion! He argued both ways, that God exists, and then the other, that God does not exist. I found it interesting that he mentioned that one of the things science is always trying to do is to prove that God DOES exist, which is contrary to what I have heard so many bible-thumping people claim! So I thought that was a very interesting statement! I think science is just trying to get to the truth, and really doesn’t care one way or the other!

Niece wants to take some martial arts

karate (free clip art)

karate (free clip art)

The other day my niece asked me what I thought about women taking martial arts classes. I told her that I thought that was a great idea – I think that women need to learn how to defend themselves against any attacker. I told her that I had take karate classes myself a few years ago and learned a lot of things that I think would help me if the situation arose when I needed to defend myself. She asked me to show her a few karate moves, and I spent about an hour with her showing her some of the things I learned. She got very excited about taking courses and said that she is going to ask her mother to let her sign up!

Business financing

My brother and sister-in-law have started the process of starting a new small business. They have taken extensive college courses in business, and think that they have found the perfect market niche, and the perfect location to open their business. They say that they are lining up their “ducks in a row” and are starting to look around for ways to increase their working capital.

One of the business courses that they took explained to them how to create a business plan to take to the bank when they apply for their business loans. The class explained to them the different types of small business loans, including the sba loans and the line of credit loans. They think that they want to just get a regular business loan, the line of credit loans sound too expensive for their tastes!

They found a company that has a website that helps them to line up their loans, and set up inexpensive merchant accounts for processing credit cards, too! They even have a link to a company that will help them incorporate if that is what they decide to do! I think that they should become a “S” Corporation, or an LLC, but they haven’t decided which is best for them yet. They told me that they are going to seek some advice from some other people on which type of corporation will be best for them.

I’ve taken a lot of college classes in Business, too, and I told them that I think that “C” Corporations are a rip-off because they get hit with double-taxation, and that a smaller structure would benefit them financially the most. But you know how brothers are; they can’t ever take the advice of their sisters! So they will contact the other people and see what they have to say about it.  I’ll be interested to hear for myself what they say – it would be a feather in my cap if they agree with me!

Accounting classes

When I was taking college courses, I had to take several accounting classes. The teacher of the classes tried to convince me to change my major from management to accounting, telling me that I could make a really good income as a certified public accountant. I’ve been told that before, but I’ve always been so concerned about how important it is to be extremely accurate, and I’d hate to think that one little mistake could really mess up someone’s life! I’d rather have a job that had less dire consequences if I made an error. Let that really important stuff be done by someone else – I don’t need that kind of pressure!