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Spray on snow

Yesterday I was reading an article about dying Christmas traditions. One of the traditions mentioned was the use of the spray-on-snow. Did you know that the snow used to be made from asbestos? I wonder how many people now are suffering from mesothelioma as a result of the spray-on-snow that they used to decorate their houses with? I can remember when I was a child my parents used it to spray on the Christmas tree!

I was reading up on asbestos in products that we may not have known about, and discovered that it was used (as fake snow) in a lot of movies – like the Wizard of Oz and Holiday Inn!

asbestos in Wizard of Oz

asbestos in Wizard of Oz

If you want more information about asbestos and Christmas decorations (fake snow), I would encourage you to do some “Googling” yourself. You will find lots of articles on the subject!

Independence Day

Well, our country’s  birthday just passed.  It was not  particularly spectacular for me.  I guess I was disappointed in our parade down Main Street.  It seemed a bit too short;  there were no marching bands or baton twirlers (like there were in the fireman’s parade around Memorial Day – that parade lasted for 2 hours!) and it seemed like it was mostly for the political venue.

I remember celebrating the 4th  of July back when I was a child.  It seemed bigger, better somehow.  But then again, things you remember from your childhood always do seem that way, at least for me.  I remember the fireworks and how big and beautiful they were and how long the show seemed to go on, and then there was the big family cookout.  But, as we grow up, I guess reality sets in a bit and things just aren’t the same.  The wonder of childhood is gone.

But, my niece did come to visit and she is in the military and stationed about 5 hours from here.  It was so good to see her and spend some time with her.  This will probably be my last chance to see her before Christmas because next month she is being transferred to Florida and will not be able to just drive up to see me any time she wants to.  So, that part of the holiday was great!!!!


Seasons Greetings

If you celebrate Christmas for religious reasons is one thing, but if all you want to do is get presents from people and knuckle under to the crass commericalism of the end of the year retailers trying to stuff everything they couldn’t get rid of all year long, do you really deserve the wishes from everyone to have a merry Christmas? I think not. So I encourage you to re-evaluate your personal choices over this holiday season and if you haven’t been to church in a long time maybe now is a good time to start going again.

Christmas tree all up and decorated

We bought our Christmas tree from the Boy Scouts in a local shopping mall parking lot. I try to support organizations like that whenever I can. It was rather expensive, though, so I’m not sure if I’ll do that again next year or not. I’m thinking about going with an artificial tree in the future, partly because of the cost, and partly because watering a live one, and having to haul it from the tree lot to the house and then disposing of it later is a real hassle! But that is food for thought for next year. We have our tree up and decorated; all except for the tinsel. We’re debating whether or not to tinsel this year. It is a time consuming process, and it is messy. So we might not bother with it this year. The tree is really pretty as it is.

Ordering Christmas cards online

I like to send out Personalized Christmas Cards during the holidays. These cards you can have your signature put on them, not just your names imprinted. I was really excited to see that they offer the customer the opportunity to upload their signatures! I have always hesitated to buy those pre-printed cards with the names imprinted. I know that those are personalized and customized, but the signature just makes it seem more sincere to me. They have a wide selection of really nice cards with foil printing, and embossing that make the cards seem really special to send and receive. 

I found a company that donated donating 180,000 blank holiday cards to the Soldiers Angels organization a few years ago. The Soldiers Angels organization distributed those cards to deployed members of the United States military for them to use to send home to their loved ones. I think that is a really nice donation!  I cannot even imagine for a moment how horrible it must feel to be so far apart from friends and family during the holiday season, staying in a war-torn area. I can only imagine how great the families felt when they received their cards from their loved ones serving overseas!