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Chocolate is the food of love

For years I’ve heard that eating chocolate releases a chemical in the bloodstream that gives the consumer the same “rush” that they get when they are in love. Maybe that is why giving a woman birthday chocolates or Valentine’s day chocolates is such a popular gift. I’ve read that eating dark chocolate is actually supposed to be healthy for you, but to be honest I don’t care for the bitterness of dark chocolate. My favorite chocolate is white chocolate, which I understand isn’t really chocolate at all, but is almond paste.

Whenever I make a batch of brownies from a mix I like to add some semi-sweet chocolate chips in the batter. If I have some white chips I’ll add them too. I think that it just makes the brownies a little bit extra special. You should try it too sometime; your family will love you for it!

A Wine and Chocolate Party

Tiffany and her husband have just started their own vineyard and they are offering free wine tastings every weekend.  I had never heard of drinking wine while eating chocolates, but when the gals from work decided to go to one of their wine tastings, that is exactly what we did.

There are several different types of chocolate, and they go with different wines.  You can drink either red or white wine, depending on the chocolate.  I have a very serious sweet tooth, so my favorites were with the sweet chocolates and sweet wines.  I even bought a bottle of their dessert wine to take home and share with my family.

Champagne and Chocolate

Wow, I just learned more in the few minutes that it to read the “A Toast To Champagne: History and Fun Facts” that I posted below than I’ve ever know about Champagne and I’ve put down some Champagne in my life, I can tell you that! So I thought I would post this little blurb here for grins and giggles. It’s just one of those days where a nice bottle of Champagne and a box of Chocolate would be Fantastic!


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