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Daylight Savings Time

Well, it has taken a few days for my body to adjust to the Daylight Savings Time. I find that I have a harder time adjusting to the spring change than to the autumn change. The hardest part is convincing my stomach that it really is NOT time to eat yet! My stomach disagrees mightily with me on that point!

I was reading a news article about how the experts say that the idea behind Daylight Savings Time was to save energy, but that recent research suggests that has NOT been the result; in fact the opposite is true. MORE energy has been spent on air conditioning offices in the summer time. The experts have suggested (from what I understand ) that the Daylight Savings Time be completely abandoned. I would like to say that I would really like just stick with one or the other, this back and forth business is awful!

Setting up a merchant account is good for business

In today’s economy, one of the most important things a business can do is to set up an account where they can be involved in credit card processing their sales. Accepting credit cards makes their business more attractive to consumers like me, who use credit cards for almost everything under the sun! I use credit cards everywhere I possibly can – I have a rewards card that pays me a cash back reward for every purchase I make, so it is like getting a discount on everything I buy!

Credit cards are good for business

In today’s economy, more consumers are relying on credit cards to help them get through these rough times. I like to use credit cards to help me keep track of where my money goes, and I like to use my cards that give me cash rewards. I don’t usually carry much cash around with me, as I’m always afraid of someone stealing my wallet. That means that if a business does not accept credit cards, chances are that I won’t do business with them! 

Websites and webhosting

I have become more interested in learning more about the Internet. Not just how to make money, or buy things from the Internet, but general information like the history of the Internet, the technology behind it, different platforms, programming languages, the whole “kit and kaboodle” as it were. I find it a very interesting subject. In my pursuit of knowledge, I have been delighted to find so much information is available for free over the Internet itself!

There are a lot of articles and websites out there on the Internet about how to make money using the technology of the Internet. One article I read about making money using the Internet suggests that buying multiple domains is a smart business strategy. I think that makes a lot of sense – it helps to reduce the chances of a competitor getting a similar website and getting accidental hits from consumers that are trying to find you! 

I found a website that goes above and beyond the traditional webhosting rating service of listing what they think are the top ten best webhosts (which is a good thing because their top ten list only has four companies listed!) They have a section of informational articles about things that are related to webhosting, the internet, programming, websites, etc. I’ve spent a lot of time reading and learning about the Internet there!


Internet marketing

In this global economy, the Internet is the place to be if you want to advertise your business globally. 2 Market 2 Market Your Dot Com is a marketing company poised to help all businesses, large or small to market their business over the Internet. I was just checking out their website and was interested to see that they are willing to take on small customers as well as large ones. Most marketing companies (unlike this one) don’t seem to want to waste their time on the “little” guys with the small businesses.