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Last Sunday was Mother’s Day

Mothers Day (free clip art)

Mothers Day (free clip art)

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day, so I went over to my mother’s house to pick her up and take her out to breakfast at her favorite restaurant, Friendly’s. I gave her a bouquet of flowers in a beautiful vase, and after breakfast I took her home and visited with her for a while before heading home. I think she was pleased.

Spring is here

Easter eggs (free clip art)

Easter eggs (free clip art)

Well, during the past few days we have had the first day of spring, and the Easter celebration. I liked decorating Easter eggs with my mother and sisters when I was a little girl. It gave me a chance to express my artistic nature while socializing with my family, and that was nice. It always upset me afterwards, though, when my father would break open my works of art to eat the hard-boiled egg! When I got older I learned how to blow the insides out of the egg so that I could decorate the egg shell and never worry about the shell being broken on purpose to eat the egg. So I have managed to decorate and save several eggs that I bring out every year to put in a basket to decorate the foyer.

Daylight Savings Time

Well, it has taken a few days for my body to adjust to the Daylight Savings Time. I find that I have a harder time adjusting to the spring change than to the autumn change. The hardest part is convincing my stomach that it really is NOT time to eat yet! My stomach disagrees mightily with me on that point!

I was reading a news article about how the experts say that the idea behind Daylight Savings Time was to save energy, but that recent research suggests that has NOT been the result; in fact the opposite is true. MORE energy has been spent on air conditioning offices in the summer time. The experts have suggested (from what I understand ) that the Daylight Savings Time be completely abandoned. I would like to say that I would really like just stick with one or the other, this back and forth business is awful!

January thaw in February

The weather so was beautiful today; it certainly felt like spring! There were high winds, though, that made it very interesting! We lost electricity for several hours, and phone service too!  I was surprised that we lost phone service – that is the first time that has happened in many years! We always have a corded phone in the house because we are used to losing electricity (which makes the cordless phones useless!) and the corded phone still works. This time, I was talking on the phone and it went dead about three minutes before the electricity went out! 

I used my cell phone to call the phone company to report the trouble and they claimed that the trouble was inside the house; they said that they ran a test right there and showed that there were no troubles “outside.” They said that they would come out to the house the next day to fix it. When the lights went out, I called the electric company from my cell phone, too. Well, a few hours later the lights came back on, and about thirty minutes after that the phones started working too, so I know that the trouble was NOT inside the house! Right after the phones came back on I saw a telephone company truck drive past the house, so I’m sure that they had fixed the problem from the outside.

Got a new kitten

My neighbor gave me a kitten today, from the litter her cat had a few weeks ago. It is cute as a button! She gave me pick of the litter. It is a little orange tiger. I’m sure he will be a lot of fun to watch grow up. My neighbor gave me a starter kit of a litter box, litter box liners, kitty litter, pooper-scooper, food, water dish and food enough to last me a few weeks. Wasn’t that nice of her? So now I have to think about whether or not to neuter and declaw him a little bit later in life. I’ve heard so many pros and cons to de-clawing, this will be a tough decision. I guess I’ll wait a bit and see if I can train him to claw at a scratching post or not.