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Spray on snow

Yesterday I was reading an article about dying Christmas traditions. One of the traditions mentioned was the use of the spray-on-snow. Did you know that the snow used to be made from asbestos? I wonder how many people now are suffering from mesothelioma as a result of the spray-on-snow that they used to decorate their houses with? I can remember when I was a child my parents used it to spray on the Christmas tree!

I was reading up on asbestos in products that we may not have known about, and discovered that it was used (as fake snow) in a lot of movies – like the Wizard of Oz and Holiday Inn!

asbestos in Wizard of Oz

asbestos in Wizard of Oz

If you want more information about asbestos and Christmas decorations (fake snow), I would encourage you to do some “Googling” yourself. You will find lots of articles on the subject!

Television commercials about attornies

I have noticed that there seems to be a greater amount of commercials on the TV advertising attorney services for people suffering from this mesothelioma Disease that is receiving so much attention. Ten years ago I’ll bet no one would have a clue as to what a mesothelioma lawyer would be used for. I know that I wouldn’t have.

I know most families have to deal with at least one family member that is suffering from some type of serious illness or disability. Our family is dealing with my uncle suffering and recently diagnosed with mesothelioma. It seems that when he was serving our country in the US Navy he spent time in a submarine and was exposed to asbestos at that point. How disturbing to know that he put his life on the line for all of those years for his country and now he is dealing with this horrible disease. Even more horrible is knowing how many people there are that have already died from this disease in the past without knowing how they had been exposed to the asbestos in the first place! Scary how people thought that asbestos was a safe product, and now it has caused so many horrible deaths! Can you even believe that there still are working asbestos mines in Canada?

Affecting millions of people

I find it disturbing that Mesothelioma seems to be the big buzzword for lawyer’s commercials. The reason it is so disturbing is that it brings to my attention the fact that if there are so many commercials about it, then Mesothelioma Cancer must be affecting millions of people around the world.

I have to wonder how many people have been exposed and don’t realize it yet! How many families will go through the heartache of dealing with this insidious disease? I’ve heard that asbestos is still being mined in some countries! Why in the world would it still be mined if we now know that it causes cancer? How can it still be legal to do that? There have to be acceptable substitutes for the product! Why aren’t these mines being shut down?