Should it stay? Or should it go?

I am seriously thinking about redecorating this place. It has become so cluttered with stuff that it is just too much. How do we end up collecting a bunch of stuff we don’t need? I know that some of it came from gifts and such, but the rest I seem to have bought and I have no clue what I was thinking when I did. Nothing seems to match now. It is all a Hodge podge of stuff everywhere. It is time to use that Japanese thing, where you hold something and if you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it!

A yard sale will help thin things out and also help pay for the paint and such as I redecorate. I do have to figure out what I want to keep and what style I want to have in here. I really like the rustic look and I have a few things that can be re-purposed to that effect. There is some paint that makes things look older than they are. I am going to use some of that on a few things and see how they look afterwards. We shall see how it all turns out, but if it’s a bust I’ll get rid of it and looks for something else to replace it.