Green gift tags

Guest post written by Laurie Simmons

It’s that time again when I use a whole lot of my time buying and wrapping gifts for my friends and family. We’ve been living a whole lot more green this year and I’m going to keep trying to do that for the holidays. But I know that my kids aren’t going to really go for DIY gifts and my husband has asked for a few books for Christmas, so I’m going to go green in the way that I wrap gifts.

I haven’t bought any gift wrapping stuff yet this year and am going to try and use what I have and get creative and avoid buying any new stuff. I went online to try and figure out how I could use some of that stuff in a green way and when I was doing that I saw the site and read through it. I think I’m going to sign us up for the internet provider.

I decided that one thing I could make with our stuff and use over and over again is gift tags. I mean, we’ll always need gift tags for presents to our kids from us, so I’m going to make some of those and make sure that we get a few years use out of them instead of those stickers that we normally do.