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Groundhog day is fast approaching

My boyfriend and I were talking about groundhog day, and how it is fast approaching. I think the entire concept of groundhog day is a little bit silly – waking up a poor hibernating critter to see if it sees its shadow or not is just plain silly. If it’s sunny out, of course it is going to see its shadow (if it looks!) Just let the poor thing sleep for crying out loud! I mean they say if he sees his shadow, it’s six more weeks of winter, if he doesn’t, then we’ll have spring in six weeks. Well, what is the difference?  Six of one, half a dozen of the other. It makes no sense at all to me, really!

Don’t they label their products?

I was reading a story on the yahoo news website about how 170 wedding guests were rushed to the hospital after someone mistakenly added powdered rust remover to the stew being served to the guests, thinking it was salt. What is up with all of these problems with food products and poison? Don’t they label their products? For crying out loud, someone should have put the skull and crossbones on that package of rust remover! Even if people can’t read, something that is toxic should have that big skull and bones marked on it!

Finding sex offenders in our area

My cousin sent me an email with a link to a website that provides comprehensive information about Sex Offenders nationwide and a Sex Offender List based on zip code. This was done in part in response to Megan’s Law (The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1995) which states that people have the right to know if sex offenders live in their area. I was really quite concerned to find how many sex offenders there are in our town! Protect yourself! Check them out!

I’ve always liked Al Franken

I never got to see this video when it was first aired on television, but I’m seeing it now on the Internet! I think it’s a riot, but it does not do anything to lower my opinion of his ability to be in politics! I’ve always liked Al Franken, I think he is a very smart, and very funny man. But it is obvious to me that he is very concerned about the state of world and I think he will do a good job in the Senate. I hope that they certify him soon so he can get in there and start working!

The rising oceans benefit Greenland

I read an article in the NY Times website about how global warming could melt the ice caps in Greenland, and how that could actually benefit Greenland in the short run. Apparently the fishermen are seeing the appearance of warm water cod, and the farmers are beginning to grow broccoli and potatoes, all things that were unattainable up until recently. When the ice continues to melt, more of the island’s mineral resources will be easier to get to, so mining will increase. Maybe Greenland will eventually really become a green land!