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Winter Evening Wear

I have been invited to a real fancy New Year’s bash, a bit last minute mind you, but that’s OK. I’m just glad that I have a few nice evening dresses to choose from that I can wear that will keep me warm in these cold nights that we are experiencing. I wouldn’t want to freeze my fanny off on such a big night that I’m so looking forward to. My wardrobe isn’t all that extensive when it comes to evening wear. I have a few old prom dresses left in the back of my closet, lord knows how long they will be stuck back there before seeing any daylight again!

I usually don’t go out on New Year’s eve. The thought of being out there with so many folks that have been partying and drinking for hours on end is a bit disturbing and has kept me home most New Year’s celebrations, and most people that I know are well aware of my thoughts on this. But…… old friend, out of the blue, called me up and it just sounds like too much fun to say no to. So we will see how it all pans out and I hope that everyone of my readers out there have a fun and safe New Years!

Independence Day

Well, our country’s  birthday just passed.  It was not  particularly spectacular for me.  I guess I was disappointed in our parade down Main Street.  It seemed a bit too short;  there were no marching bands or baton twirlers (like there were in the fireman’s parade around Memorial Day – that parade lasted for 2 hours!) and it seemed like it was mostly for the political venue.

I remember celebrating the 4th  of July back when I was a child.  It seemed bigger, better somehow.  But then again, things you remember from your childhood always do seem that way, at least for me.  I remember the fireworks and how big and beautiful they were and how long the show seemed to go on, and then there was the big family cookout.  But, as we grow up, I guess reality sets in a bit and things just aren’t the same.  The wonder of childhood is gone.

But, my niece did come to visit and she is in the military and stationed about 5 hours from here.  It was so good to see her and spend some time with her.  This will probably be my last chance to see her before Christmas because next month she is being transferred to Florida and will not be able to just drive up to see me any time she wants to.  So, that part of the holiday was great!!!!


A very long journey

I was dropping off a package at the local shipping store and ended up in line behind a lady who was shipping her entire household to Hawaii.  Apparently she found that the costs of using a moving company to ship her belongings was beyond her budget.  I can’t imagine packing up my items individually like that and taking them to a shipping store and having them shipped one by one!

Although part of that plan appeals to me – if you can spread it out over several months, then you aren’t in a mad dash to get everything packed and bundled up into one single truck for “moving day.”  And if you have someone on the receiving end to unpack everything as it gets there, so that once you arrive everything is all unpacked for you, well that would be rather nice, too.

But to be completely honest, I’m not sure that if I were to move someplace overseas like that exactly how much stuff I’d take with me.  It would certainly be easier to just go over there empty-handed and buy everything new!  I do have to admit, though, there there are some family heirlooms that I would not be able to part with.  Isn’t it funny how people get attached to things!

Planning for Fun

The last paycheck of the month is the one I can use for entertainment and recreation expenses. I’ve already paid the mortgage and utilities, the car payment and insurance. Now all I have to do is allow enough money to pay for food I’ll be eating and I can spend the rest on tickets for sporting events, shows, travel, etc.

Although we used to go to the Meadowlands stadium for baseball as kids, they’ve torn down the old stadium and now you can buy New Meadowlands Stadium Tickets at a higher price but for much nicer seats in a fantastic new building. Sure the old stadium is gone, and so is its history. But this new stadium is awesome and when we go to it we are making history, too. Everyone should go at least once.

Although New York City is unique, my personal favorite big city is Chicago. It is easier to get around, and the entertainment and food are world-class. I’m going to buy Chicago Theatre Tickets and have a nice weekend getaway in October to the Windy City.

School Buses

It’s that time of the year that we really need to pay attention to the fact that kids are heading back to school and that the roads will be packed with those big, loud, smelly, yellow school buses that are out in force early in the morning and again in the late afternoon.

Proceed with caution please for all the bus riders and the walkers as well.