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I Love Rose Gold Jewelry

I don’t normally see a lot of Rose Gold Jewelry. I don’t know why I don’t see a lot of it, other than it must not be as popular as white and yellow gold. I actually like the Rose Gold jewelry better than white and yellow gold! So I was really excited to see some Rose Gold rings among the selection of stackable expressions from! I was surprised to see them call it “pink gold” because I’ve always heard it called “Rose Gold” up until now.

Tough Month for Moving

My good friend, Julie, has to move this month. She has to be out of her old apartment by October 31, which is Halloween. What a horrible day to have to move!

She has been talking to different moving companies to check on her options. She just has a cute little two bedroom apartment and not a lot of “stuff,” so she is considering doing most of the packing herself. I can’t blame her for that – if you pack it then you have a good idea of where it is when you have to unpack later.

I don’t have any first hand experience with professional movers to be able to help her finding help. But I sure can show up at her apartment one night after work and help her pack and clean. Sometimes the kitchen is the hardest room to get ready for moving. Not only do you have to pack a lot of spillable and breakable items, but you have to clean everything after it is empty.

She has already got the moving quotes and is trying to make up her mind which company to use. She is running out of time – she has to be moved in just 2 weeks! I told her that I am standing ready to help – just let me know which night after work would be most convenient for her. After all, that’s what a good friend does.

Sliding doors keep jamming and falling off

My parents are thinking about replacing the old sliding doors to the closet in their master bedroom. They have been having trouble with them jamming and then falling off of the track every couple of days. My brother thinks that instead of replacing the doors, all they need to do is get replacement tracks and other grant sliding hardware from ovis and replace the tracks instead of the doors themselves. The doors themselves seem to be in good condition. I think replacing the tracks makes a lot more sense.

International Apothecary Online

Sometimes a friend of mine will send me links to some interesting websites that she discovers. One such link she sent to me recently was to, which calls itself an “International Apothecary.” I’ve been looking around the website, intrigued with the different candles that they have for sale. The candles are 6.5 ounces and sell for $60 or more! I have to admit that I was surprised at the cost. I was trying to find out what the candle was made from (parrafin or soy) but could not get the tabs that showed product details to work. I found that a bit frustrating!