A Lasting Memorial

Talking with my neighbor this morning for a moment, she shared a touching story with me. She lost her husband this summer in a tragic accident. He was struck by lightning with standing on their deck. It was a very unusual situation, but he was killed instantly. She has been very brave in working through the shock and taking care of all the arrangements.

She told me this morning that she has been wanting to do some type of memorial to him and that she has seen some stone benches in locations around the city that were very inspirational.

I’ve also seen memorial benches and think that is a great idea. She can arrange for the stone engraving and have the bench delivered to a garden spot or someplace that would honor his memory.

I’ve even seen some beautiful garden benches at the dog park and at the animal shelter. There is an area adjacent to the animal shelter that is fenced and graveled where potential adopters can take a pet of their choice outside to bond with them. It would be nice to have a bench in those areas for the adopters to sit down with the pet and spend as much time together as possible before deciding whether or not to adopt.