A good little snack

I was just scrounging around the kitchen, looking for a snack to eat that would not be a “horrible, bad for you” type of snack. I decided on an English muffin. Every couple of months I decide to buy a package of English muffins at the store and bring them home. I like them from time to time with some orange marmalade on them. When I prepare them and put the marmalade on them I often wonder who invented these fine items and who decided to pair them up together? I often wonder who discovered or invented different things we could eat. But don’t even get me started on scrapple! Once I found out what was in scrapple, I vowed never to eat it again!

I always think of my now deceased aunt and uncle when I eat English muffins with marmalade. They would always prepare them for us as a snack when we would go over and visit them. Funny how foods remind you of certain people, isn’t it! They taught me to use a long handled ice tea spoon to take the marmalade out of the jar, to control how much you got, and then to spread it with the back of the spoon. Funny how so many people I know use knives for their jams, jellies and preserves! I don’t know many who use spoons!

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